Vishal Dasari

Executive Director, Founder

Vishal is a Family Medicine Resident Physician at Boston University Medical Center. He completed medical school at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, earned his MPH from George Washington U and his Bachelor's from the University of Pennsylvania. His goal is to work in public health in the future, specifically with an eye towards program management and policy and economic development.

He has been a Planning and Resource Coordination Intern for the World Health Organization, and a Director of the Vijay Ganga Specialty Care Center, a kidney and dialysis-focused hospital in Chennai, India. He hopes to leverage his experience to bolster Dayton's small businesses and, through them, support the economic development and health security of our communities.


Kajol Chaurasia 

Director of Internal Affairs


Kajol is a third year medical student at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, and has earned her Bachelor's degree from Clarkson University. Her leadership experience working with underprivileged populations which range from rural clinics in Costa Rica and India, to urban hospitals in the US, has allowed her to think creatively to solve problems with limited resources. Kajol's role as a Health Coach in both Potsdam, NY and Dayton, OH has sharpened her interests in understanding the complex factors that drive health behaviors. She believes one must begin upstream to tackle the social determinants that impact our communities. Kajol hopes to continually make meaningful connections to help spur positive change in the lives of others. 


Nate Dillard 

Director of External Affairs


Nate Dillard is a U.S. Air Force reservist based out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Fairborn, Ohio.

He served eight years of active duty as a knowledge operator at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center before accepting his current position as a government IT consultant for the U.S. Department of Defense. Dillard serves as founder and CEO of the National Black Business Directory, a business solutions platform and ecosystem centralized around a core demographic of diverse businesses. Its mission is to develop and deliver tailored solutions to empower entrepreneurs of color. Additionally, he is the CEO and founder of BLK GLD Media, a platform that tells the courageous stories of entrepreneurs, career professionals and philanthropists of color. Dillard also serves as Startup Grind Dayton’s Director as he continues to build a separate business development platforms on the side.

Jacob Current

Director of Recruitment, Founder

Jake is a competitive health care professional with experience in marketing, category management and business development. Early in his career, Jake helped independent pharmacy and home medical equipment retails with merchandising strategy, product selection, advertising and program management. Jake now works for a large health care company supporting business operations to meet industry accreditation standards. Whether it be business executives or community leaders, he is quick to acclimate to any audience and form meaningful relationships. Jake is adept at understanding small business needs and producing profitable results. He is an active member of health care industry associations and a leader in local, community organizations.

Joshua Sprague

Director of Finance, Founder

Josh is a business professional with experience in financial planning and analysis, strategy development and execution, project management, and sales. Over the last eight years, he worked as an investment banking analyst in syndicated and leveraged finance, served as chief executive officer of a for-profit home health care company, and currently helps clients improve the efficiency and security of their financial operations as a treasury management officer. As a believer in the Teach an Individual to Fish proverb, Josh thinks an effective way to serve your community is to share your skillsets, experiences, and resources with the individuals and companies seeking help.


Michael Brill


Mike is a government and nonprofit professional trying to make change through public service in Dayton. He completed undergrad at the University of Dayton and recently finished his Master of Public Administration at Wright State University. He work as the communications and community engagement manager for the Montgomery County Auditor's Office, where he promotes the office's tax relief programs, consumer protection advice, and other services. He has been a leader of a number of civic organizations, including being President of the University of Dayton Student Government Association. 


"Dayton has experienced a great deal of change since my father grew up here. I got involved with Dayton Driven because I believe our city is at a turning point in its history. Dayton's best days are on the horizon, and our city's spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship will drive us forward."